Greentown Church of the Nazarene Website

Stay tuned, folks!  This website will be coming very shortly.

Please pay no mind to the Church Directory and Church Staff, as those are all testing accounts now.

I'll make an update once the site is complete, then every church member and staff member can create a personal account.

Welcome to Greentown Church on the Web!

Thanks for visiting Greentown Church of the Nazarene Online.
-Pastor Dave

Members of Greentown Church of the Nazarene:

Please click here to make your own account for the Greentown Church website!

Benefits of creating an account:

  • You'll be included in the private Online Church Members Directory (viewable only by other Church Member and Staff)
  • Access to the Online Church Members Directory
  • Ability to comment on Church blog posts

After you sign up, your account will be submitted for approval by a Church Staff Member.


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